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Where is your company based?

We are located just outside the centre of Birmingham, so ideally placed to respond to customers across the city and surrounding area. We have been based in the same location since we were established, meaning our staff members have an extensive knowledge of the region.

Which areas of Birmingham do you cover?

We cover north, east, south and west Birmingham, but our services are not just limited to this great Midlands city. We cover the entire UK, and previous clients have asked us to relocate them to coastal Scotland, Northern Ireland and even the tiniest of industrial parks in west Wales. We are happy to take you, and your business, anywhere you want to go.

How can I contact you to discuss relocation of my business?

You can either attend our offices, located just southwest of the city centre of Birmingham (not far from the O2 Academy) and speak to a member of staff, or telephone us to make an appointment. We are on social media and can also be reached via email – or, alternatively, drop us a line using the contact form at the bottom of the page. You can use any of these methods to request a site visit, too – meaning one of our specialists will come right to your business!

Do you charge for a consultation?

Not at all. At Office Gone we believe in treating our customers fairly, so your initial meeting will be a free one-to-one friendly chat with one of our customer service representatives. It is at this consultation where we will find out what it is you are looking for, what services you will require, and how much it is likely to cost once completed.

The Main Stuff

Do you offer a storage service?

Yes we do! At our sister site on the outskirts of the city we offer a secure, patrolled storage facility with a broad range of containers for you to choose from, and with single day rentals to long-term lets available. The containers come in various sizes and can handle everything from a two person office to multiple floors of a business block, and are capable of holding all office equipment, paperwork and even electrical supplies to keep vending machines operating at the correct temperature whilst stored.

How can I be sure you will be able to move my business?

Simple! We will come to your existing location and carry out a complete pre-move survey! This entails two or three staff members visiting your premises and making a basic list of all equipment, some rough size and weight estimates, and an assessment as to how long it is likely to pack, move and unpack in your new offices. It’s a relatively straightforward task and is normally complete within two hours.

We're relocating to mainland Europe - can you help?

While most of our business takes place in the UK and Northern Ireland, we do offer an overseas package for our customers. We have successfully moved clients to places such as Madrid, Lisbon and various cities in Germany during the past few years, so will be happy to listen to your plans and help you to move. There are, of course, extra costs incurred for such a relocation – these will all be discussed with you when you meet our staff.

Can you help with planning my new office layout?

At Office Gone we not only pack you up and move you, we provide a complete ‘Procurement and Planning’ service where, in consultation with you and some of our excellent interior planners, we make the most out of the space your new premises has to offer. We can source any and all office furniture and storage, as well as IT equipment and even decorative items for staff areas. And we install it all for you too!

The Money

What is it likely to cost me?

We do not make projections as every move is different. Affordability is our mantra though, and we believe in transparency and treating our customers fairly, so all costs and fees and explained to you during each step of the process. Every single process, job or item is broken down individually in an online record that you can view at any time before, during and after the move.

How do I pay?

You have no need to worry about this – Office Gone has a range of payment plans, offers and prices that are suited to businesses large and small, and we will discuss all of this with you during your free initial consultation. We are competitively priced, so much so that many companies across Birmingham and beyond have come back to us when they next relocate, as they consider us to be one of the most affordable removal companies in the region.

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